About Me

Regular interaction and input with the OECD Global Transparency Forum board members on the CRS. Has been recognised by the EU Commission for his valuable exchange of views on the EU Savings Tax Directive Amendments since 2005.

Called to testify before the German Parliament hearings on 24 September 2012 regarding his technical analysis on the strengths and flaws of the Swiss-German tax agreement.

Consults on tax and Intellectual Property.

Currently advises several competent authorities on the misapplication in their official guidelines concerning Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI).

Assists in international structuring of ICO and Intellectual Property projects

Provides live training on the tax and other OECD initiatives to law firms, insurers, trustees, wealth managers and banks.
I am considered by the EU Commission as a leading expert in the EU Savings Tax Directive.

German Bundestag Tax Expert:
I was called by the German Parliament hearings on 24th September 2012 to give presentation the Rubik loopholes. (Jump to 2:05:50 to see me)

My testmony is here. The German version is here.

Here is the
list of attending experts.

I am frequent seminar speaker:

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