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  1. Who is generally considered the reporting Financial Institution for a fund ?
Central Securities Depository Fund management company Bank dealing with customer

  1. Who is generally considered the Reporting Financial Institution for a Securitisation Vehicle?
The feeder funds The funds paying the coupons The central security depository

  1. Whio is the Reporting Financial Institution ?
Trust holding the funds Fund managers Bank owning the funds

  1. Who has equity interest in a fund?
The bank The fund management company The fund unit holder

  1. What financial activities must the reporting Financial Institution report regarding funds?
a. Account balance b. Amounts credited to Account Holder c. Both [a] and [b]

  1. If a fund incurs falls in value, and no distributions made, is any information reportable at year end ?
Yes No Only if Account Holder sells the funds

  1. How must a UK bank report on a client owning a US fund?
Not reportable Reportable under FATCA Treat the US fund as a passive NFE

  1. How must a fund of funds report?

  1. Must a reportable institution responsible for reporting on a fund do any due diligence on an entity tax resident in the same jurisdiction as the fund?

  1. If an insurance policy owns a fund, who is responsible for reporting?

  1. If an account holder sells all his funds in a year, must the reporting FI report?
Merely on the fact of closure Report the gross proceeds credited Report on the profit

  1. If the residency of Account Holder of a pre-existing low -value account cannot be determined by an electronic search, what happens ?
Account is closed Insist on self certification Special paper search before account is declared as undocumented

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