Liechtenstein illegally exempts Austrians from AEOI

Liechtenstein illegally exempts its FIs from reporting on Austrians if they hold the account through a Liechtenstein Fiduciary entity

There is no chance that the EU Commission / EU Parlaiment will allow Liechtenstein to exempt Austrian residents from Automatic exchange of information according to the Amended EU Savings Tax Directive.
There is nothing in the amendment to the EU Savings Tax directive for Liechtenstein or teh Common Reporting Standard that would permit Liechtenstein to grant exemption frpm reporting for Austrians using Liechtenstein capital structures.

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1. Liechtenstein unbelievably flaunts the automatic exchange of information law which is implemented via the amended EU Savings Tax Directive Liechtenstein exempts Austrian residents who use Liechtenstein fiduciary entitities and maintain accounts with Liechtenstein Financial Institutions from automatic exchange of information.

This is explained here.

Austria and Liechtenstein will handle the reporting obligation among themselves quite differently. Austrian residents who hold bank accounts with credit institutions in Liechtenstein are not affected by the Act on Common Reporting Standards if their capital incomes are yielded from asset structures (eg, private foundations, establishments and trusts), and the credit institute in Liechtenstein will arrange for proper taxation in accordance with bilateral treaties. In a nutshell, the credit institute carries out the taxation and pays the amounts through tax authorities in Liechtenstein to the Austrian tax authorities.
2. Rainer Hable, an Austrian opposition member of parlaiment unsuccesfully tried to block this agreement with Liechtenstein.